How do you choose the right printing company?

Do you have a selection criteria when selecting your printing company or do you mainly go on price?

In this competitive world where price is key, quality can often get forgotten….until the final item is delivered, then it may be a discussion point if you get something you weren’t expecting…

If you don’t use a printer very often then it may be you feel you don’t need to look too deeply at who you use, but without realising it you will probably have expectations over print quality and service.

If you require print regularly or for those bespoke big jobs it’s very important to get to understand the printer you have selected and how they work. You need a good relationship with your printer, after all they are producing something that is to showcase your business to your clients – quality and precision are essential factors.

Developing a good relationship with your printer is key – this way they will get to know your business and your objectives. A good printer will then work with you to ensure you get the final outcome you need, making recommendations, managing the process for you and providing a proofing and checking service that you can rely on.

Here are our top ten tips on choosing a printer:

  1. Consider a company that can offer innovative solutions flexible to your business.
  2. They provide ongoing support, recommendations and management according to your business needs.
  3. Assess what they do – what is their niche and how will they deliver?
  4. They check the quality of their work, have an eye for detail and maintain a high standard
  5. Is the printer technically competent – do they understand the different requirements and can they support accordingly?
  6. Timescales are important – ensure they will fulfil/deliver the product/service in a timely manner
  7. Do they know their stuff? Can they demonstrate the extent of their knowledge giving you confidence in their service?
  8. Try not to always make your decision solely on price – bear in mind that sometimes cheap prices could mean poor quality and service.
  9. What other services do they provide that can enhance your project? Can they advise on other areas that you can capitalise on in your brief?
  10. Have a look on social media to see how they engage with its audience. Do they offer expert advice and help?

Once you have gone through the process of selecting a printer, then try to keep them. Growing and developing your relationship will only be of benefit to you both and will surely flourish into a mutually beneficial partnership.

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