A stronger, brighter future

Here at Elpeeko we have recently completed a buy-out that will help secure the future of our long-established printing company.

As one of Lincoln’s longest serving businesses, established in 1905, we are a leading print and design company who support a vast range of clients within Lincolnshire, and the East Midlands, dealing with all types of personal and commercial printing and design needs.

Our team of directors, Clare Griffiths, Gary Spittlehouse and Dave Swaine, have led the acquisition to take over the reins to help secure a smooth transition for the business and its employees for the long-term. With many years’ experience in Elpeeko, the senior management team have ensured the team in place is now built on the right skill set to take the business forward.

Clare Griffiths, Art Director, says “The senior team and everyone at Elpeeko is thrilled at this new stage of transition for the company. We are looking forward to future growth and to working with our existing and new clients to develop the company further and focus on our core strengths as a print and design business delivering tailored solutions.”

Helen Sallis and Rod Whitehead of Independent Banking Professionals Ltd, along with Richard Minshall of Minshall Accountants supported the structuring and finance of the transaction.

Helen Sallis said “Independent Banking Professionals worked closely with the new owners to secure the buyout, allowing the company to move forward on a positive footing for the future. It was great to be working with such an enthusiastic and positive team and we are looking forward to continuing to contribute to Elpeeko’s future success”

Ian Green of HSBC Bank supported the buyout through a funding package, which secures the businesses future.


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